Highlighting the unique features of your home is essential in separating itself from the rest of the competition. A unique home deserves a Unique Property Site!

A Unique Property Site is a special way to market your home to the hundreds and even thousands of people looking to buy a home. By creating a Unique Property Site for your home, we are able to attract online buyers as well as provide local buyers with fast and comprehensive information about your property. In today's day and age, its easy for properties to get lost among the hundreds of real estate listings added to the market each and every day. Your Unique Property Site helps ensure that your property stands out from the crowd! 

The site URL is your street address! 

When selling your home, there is way more to it then just having a REALTOR add it to the MLS. Maximizing your home to the marketplace is not something we take lightly. That is why Team Terry gives your home a Unique Site! This unique site has everything a buyer could possibly want to know. Because this site is only supported through Century 21 brand, you are already setting yourself up for success with using the #1 most recognized real estate brand in the world. Lets break down this AMAZING website.

To start things off the basic information about the home will be listed. This includes things like price, bedroom and bathroom count, MLS number, our agent contact information, and a detailed description of the home in addition to a slideshow of pictures that showcases the beauty of your home. The slideshow is capable of holding 175 photos- that is SO MANY photos. I've only hit my limit once!

Next, you will notice a ribbon on the right hand side of the website. On that ribbon, there is a VIRTUAL TOUR tab. Once you click that, you will be directed to the 3D tour powered by Matterport. This feature is beyond cool. You can walk through the house as if you were actually there in person!! Story time: I had a buyer about 2 years ago that moved here from Grand Forks. They had been watching the market here in Bismarck for awhile because they were planning on building a home here within the next few years. They saw this home that had just been listed, clicked on the Matterport 3D tour link, and fell in love with the house. Mrs. Buyer told me she looked at the tour everyday until they were able to make it to Bismarck that weekend to look at the house.  The home was almost the exact same floor plan they were planning on building, and only a mile away from the lot they had purchased to build on. It made it so easy for Mr. & Mrs. Buyer to look at the home from out of town because of the 3D tour! Without it, they probably would not have even looked at the home. 

A Matterport 3D tour is not all this website offers! Also on the right hand side ribbon, there are options to view a video, map (directions to get to the home), buyers can request a showing, use a mortgage calculator, and you can view upcoming Open Houses for the home. This website is jam packed! So, how do you get a Unique Property Site for your home? Call us! This special feature is exclusive with Century 21. Once your home is listed with us, we get to work right away on creating a website just for your home. Check out a Unique Property Site for yourself!


Written by: Haley Stevahn