Growing up with my dad in real estate, I had a general, natural knowledge in real estate. When I graduated in 2015 from Shiloh Christian, I knew I wanted to work alongside my dad – and what an adventure that has been! I have learned that real estate is a difficult job to learn but I have one of the best mentors/leaders in the industry. I’ve also learned that when your “job” is to guide people through the process of home ownership, it’s not really a job at all. It is so rewarding to feel their emotions of excitement, happiness, and new beginnings. I am also in charge of marketing, paperwork, communicating with title companies and lenders, social media, and of course, making sure your needs are met.

In October, I will be marrying my high school sweeheart, Blake! I couldn't be more excited. In my spare time I enjoy reading. Right now, I am into the Harry Potter series. I also enjoy painting, making Pinterest projects, interior decorating, cleaning, playing piano, and spending time with my family. We love to play board games, go on hiking trips, and watch movies. Being a North Dakota girl, naturally my favorite time of the year are the fall and winter months. For the little time I have to watch television, my go-to shows to are FRIENDS and That 70’s Show.