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To describe this stage in my life, I would use the word CHANGE. The last few months have been nothing but change for me. I married my high school sweetheart a few weeks ago. Need I say more about a life change? HA! In all seriousness, we often look down on life changes because they are HARD, but change is what we need to grow in all areas of life. As the news about Century 21 Morrison’s new office has been circulating the community, I couldn’t help myself but to ask our amazing broker/owner Tricia Schlosser some raw questions about her journey as a real estate broker and how the company got to this point. Because let’s be real, if new building plans and purchasing the Century 21 office in Jamestown both happened in 2019, she has some big plans for Century 21 Morrison. Being in real estate for almost 10 years herself, she has a lifetime of knowledge. 

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I could go off on a tangent about her but to say the least, she has the biggest heart for helping people but in a different way than you are thinking. Helping people grow as a person in building character, growing a business, and emotionally.

So, the first question I asked her was “when did you realize that a bigger office was needed?” I was taken back by her response at first. She had said “the idea came in 2017. It’s wasn’t that we need a bigger facility, it’s more for the growth and professionalism of our agents and clients”.


The reason I was taken back was because my focus was in the wrong place. We don’t need a bigger building because we are running out of space for the 95 relentless agents in our office. Tricia reminded me that our clients are the reason. Being able to offer them the latest technology while still having that human interaction with each client. With offices all around the state (Bismarck, Beulah, Jamestown and we now have agents growing in the Dickinson market), we will be able to communicate seamless with the latest technology such as video conference, electronic contracts and so much more. A bonus to this is that no matter which office agents are in, we can all connect and grow together, learn from each other, and be a team. She didn’t let me forget it’s all about the culture: keeping the close relationships we have together as agents, as well as adding in new agents and new technology. The leadership and staff at Century 21 Morrison are always focused on the culture of the office and looking for ways to keep that tight culture but also improve it moving forward.

Location, location, location! It’s a saying that is used on a daily basis in the real estate industry. The location of the house is very important to buyers. The same goes for any business- its all about location! So I asked Tricia, why did you pick 1142 W Turnpike Ave? “It comes down to location, location, location” she said.

Tricia went on to say that their #1 concern was and still is location. ‘We want our office to be easily accessible for both our clients and agents. If we have agents or clients coming in from north, south, east, or west Bismarck, hop on interstate. Coming in from Mandan? Hop on interstate. Do we have agents coming into town from our Beulah, Jamestown, or Dickinson offices? It’s right off interstate.’ Not only that, it’s right off Divide within walking distance to a grocery store, hotel, liquor store, a couple dentist offices, gas station, coffee shop, bank, chiropractor and much more. Behind I-94 is Pinehurst Square. In my opinion, the location couldn’t be better (all that to add my house is literally 2 minutes away :). She also had said that they had looked at this location back in 2017 and ruled it out. Now with all the new business in that area Tricia said, “it felt right now. We looked at every location possible in town the past two years. This one felt right this time”.

Even though I’ve only been in real estate for four years, I know that you learn something new almost every day whether it be about the process keeping up with the latest technology. So, I asked Tricia, “even being in real estate for 10 years, what have you learned during this process of building your own facility and being the buyer in the transaction”? She told me it is very nerve wracking. She went on to say that “every transaction is nerve wracking for buyers and sellers alike, but now actually being in it and knowing all the possibilities of what can go wrong because I deal with those issues every day, it’s different”. She added that the sellers of the land have been great to work with. “It always helps when you have a buyer who wants to buy and a seller who wants to sell.”

Tricia is one of the most motivated, smartest people I know. I asked her HOW DO YOU DO IT!? Okay, maybe not like that, but I did ask her how she stays focused on her goals and the company goals. “You can’t have a 5-year goal without having a 3 year, 1 year, and 6 month goal.”

She put me in my place. An easy illustration: my 2020 goal is to read six books. I need a plan, though. Am I going to save them all for December 2020? Or do I set a plan for myself to read through one book every two months?

“You need to make an appointment with yourself. Have a road map for your goals. How do your 1 year, 3-year, 5-year and even 10-year goals feed into each other? You can’t reach your 10-year goal without achieving your 1,3, and 5-year goals first.” Her advice? “Just sit down and do it. Allow yourself to succeed.Of course, there will be obstacles along the way. When you’re leading a team of 95 agents, 7 employees, and their clients, there is no option for failure. You figure it out.”

Y’all, this woman is so wise.

She told me that “when passion responsibility, and no option for failure come together, you make it work. Obstacles will arise, but that means you’re on the right path. You need to get on that GRIT mentality.” (This comes from the book BEYOND GRIT by Cindra Kamphoff. Tricia gave me this book awhile ago, I still haven’t read it. I will add that to my 2020 list! Any ways, Cindra is also the mental health coach for the Minnesota Vikings. This by no means is a sponsorship for her, but her story is amazing. I had a chance to listen to her speak last year. Check her out by clicking here!

Lastly, I think designing a new office would be SUPER FUN. Tricia quickly told me that’s not the case. Yes, it has been fun, she said, but it’s all about numbers. Before they broke ground, Century 21 Morrison leadership sat down with many agents individually and asked them their thoughts. (I love this. Again, just a sign of great leadership.) The questions they asked were about flow of the office, where agents like to hang out (conference room, office rooms, front desk, etc.) Again, “we want to assess the culture of the office and carry it over.”

To summarize MY thoughts, I am so excited for this new change coming our way at the end of 2020. The modern professionalism and technology will make a huge impact in our community. Preparing for the transition and the transition, learning curve, and everything in between will be different and probably hard, but we must embrace the obstacles and change to grow!